Located on the beautiful Silver Coast, belonging to the Leiria– Fátima Tourist Region, close to Óbidos, Leiria, Alcobaça and Batalha (80 km from Coimbra and 120 km from Lisbon), Nazaré stands out in this region for its natural, historical and cultural inheritance.

The county of Nazaré is crossed by the Lisbon-Leiria A8 motorway and is located a short distance away from the A1 (Leiria junction) and the A15 that links the A8 to inland Portugal. Its privileged location makes it a strategic point for those who want to visit some of the country’s most important towns. Monuments like Fátima Sanctuary, Leiria Castle, Alcobaça and Batalha Monasteries are some of the relics you will find close by.


There are many typical Portuguese dishes to taste in Nazaré including fresh fish, excellent seafood or Nazaré fish stew, which are some of the delicacies that you can try whilst enjoying good Portuguese wine.

The following are the main places of attraction that you can visit: Whipping Post (Pelourinho); Town-Hall, the Nossa Senhora das Areias Matrix Church, Misericórdia Church, S. Gião Church, Nossa Senhora dos Anjos Hermitage, Dr. Joaquim Manso Ethnographic Museum, Sacra Padre Luís Nési Art Museum, Cultural Centre, Municipal Library, S. Miguel Fortress or Lighthouse (Sixteenth Century), Chaby Pinheiro Theatre and the Bullring.

For those who like active days and nights, Nazaré is also a lively town! Hand in hand with tradition are the parks, cafés, restaurants, bars and discos where you can make friends and unwind in jovial and relaxing atmosphere.


This enchanting place of refuge, painted with shades of sand and sea has three different areas that give it its unique characteristics: the Sítio, Pederneira and the Beach.

The Sítio is a secular place for pilgrimages and worship. In order to go from the Beach to the Sítio, you can use the centenary Lift, which was inaugurated in 1889 and takes us calmly to one of the most emblematic places in Nazaré: the Memory Chapel! Legend has it that it was there that, in 1182, D. Fuas Roupinho called Our Lady of Nazaré who prevented him from falling from the high cliffs. The chapel was then built in homage to this occasion. At the Miradouro do Suberco (Suberco viewpoint) you can see the mark left by the shoe from his horse and enjoy the best view over the beach (to the south), the town and the Atlantic Ocean.

On Nazaré beach, besides the pleasant walks along the water’s edge and invigorating sunbathing with the unique perfume that is characteristic of the West Coast, you can go along the sea wall and enjoy the town’s cultural roots you come across around every corner. From typical costumes to sewing fishnets, preparing the bait or drying the fish on the sand, everything breathes tradition.

At the other end is the Pederneira, one of the most important seaports in the area of Alcobaça since the Twelfth and Sixteenth Centuries.


With its long golden beach, stripy sheds and strong currents, the Nazaré beaches are an excellent destination for fans of water and radical sports such as body board, surf, windsurf, sailing, diving, kite surf, paragliding, hang gliding and even rock climbing. Important surf championships now take place on the windy Praia do Norte (North Beach), which normally has the ideal conditions for this.

It was actually there - on the Nazaré Canyon - that the Hawaiian surfer, Garret McNamara surfed a 30-metre wave, the largest ever surfed in the world. This event went straight into the Guinness Book of Records.

Surf schools, water parks and radical sports companies are amongst the alternatives that you can choose from so as to spend some very thrilling days in complete safety.


Nazaré is the place to look for truly traditional products. Besides the Nazaré dolls, miniature boats, nets and basketwork, you can find the famous typical costumes of local women and men.

There are many religious festivals in Nazaré every year. Some of the most famous are Carnival and the Famous Xávega Art Festival, taking place every year, since 1995, to recreate the market on the sandy beach that dates back to the 30s and show how nets were prepared and fish sold in the past.


Nazaré is a friendly fishing town with a mild climate, rare beauty, white houses, deep blue sea and long beaches and is an excellent place to spend your holidays, a paradisiacal spot very close to Portugal’s most famous wonders. It boasts a serene combination of bright colours and shades of grey, rural and urban, culture and leisure… like the Magic Hotel, entirely designed for you!